The ongoing convergence of the Information and Operational technologies is creating the need for the manufacturing industry, which traditionally exploits the possibilities offered with the use of IT, to accelerate its adoption of new technologies such as digital twin technology, apart from others as well. 


The IoT, Industry 4.0, 3D printing and AR all have a major impact on the current day manufacturing industry. IoT is being used to embed smart technology either in the process or in the products to achieve reduction in costs, increase in efficiency, improving safety on the floor and enhancing compliance to processes and procedures. With Industry 4.0, the name given to a collective term of technologies that include IoT, cloud computing and cognitive computing, organizations can hope to increase their productivity, better manage their resources and increase their speed to market. 3D printing can enable the printing out of a replacement part without the need of having to store a large inventory of replacement parts for when a customer places an order. AR enables the overlay of virtual reality on real objects, thus giving the wearer access to a wealth of data that can help in performing a task while staying safe. Robotics, machine learning and AI all are major contributors to this industry.

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