Application Development, Integration & Maintenance

Applications are increasing in complexity and in what they can achieve. But along with this increase is also the increase in risks companies need to undertake in adopting modern technologies and strategies due to the ever-changing landscape of information technologies. To stay competitive and be future-ready, it is imperative that enterprises adapt and transform – maybe even faster than expected.

Radiantze recognizes these challenges, and is well-equipped to provide solutions that are efficient and cost-effective.

Application Development & Integration

We realize that our customers may need to modernize their systems by building on an existing application, creating an entirely new application or even need to greatly enhance their legacy systems by migrating to a totally new and different/modern platform. SOA strategy is utilized to deliver a sleek, streamlined, standardized and efficient system for integration of new/existing applications.

Our professionals have tremendous and in-depth knowledge in various technologies such as .NET, Java, JavaScript, AngularJS, Web Services, etc.. They recognize the need to be able to work with the old as well as the new at the same time. DevOps is a way of life with us and greatly enhances our agility and speed to deliver. 

Support & Maintenance

We offer our services to any type of application regardless of whether it has been custom built for you, an off-the-shelf application, a third-party application or one of your own. We provide value to our customers through incident reduction and improved time-to-market. Our customer support is available 24/7.