Information Services

Current day disruptive innovations, like IoT, rely on existing infrastructure for mobile devices and involve adding sensors to connected devices to enable users to turn off lights, place orders on Amazon, play music, etc. Blockchain by creating a digital history across a vast network of peer-to-peer computers greatly reduces the risk of hacking. BIoT – combining IoT with blockchain – can make these devices even more capable by enabling them to be put to use for tasks such as tracking shipments, creating smart cities that optimize the use of energy and connecting traffic lights that manage rush hour better. Use of biometrics such as facial, voice & fingerprint identifications can help make shopping a far quicker and hassle-free experience using payment techniques such as retinal payment and cryptocurrency. Developments in Augmented Reality such as Heads Up Displays (HUD) can contribute to greatly enhance how we work, shop and play.

Enterprises need to transform and evolve from their traditional ways to capitalize on these modern day developments so as to remain competitive. It is business returns that drive current day goals of companies. 

Radiantze is fully committed to providing solutions that can optimally harvest the potentials of technologies such as AI, the Cloud, and other related ones, that will help your business thrive.