The Insurance industry is used to making changes gradually. However, in the modern era of disruptive technologies, new regulatory changes, new competitors and a generational shift in customer needs and expectations it is not easy to balance growth and profitability. New entrants into this industry drive the changes in technology. Customers now expect 24-hour service. All this emphasizes the need for the industry to adopt changes to technology and adapt to the changing environment, swiftly.

Companies will definitely profit by embedding digital technology across their organizations. Harnessing and harvesting the enormous amount of data available through big data sources can also prove to be beneficial. Employing blockchain can help greatly in the instant reconciliation of financial transactions. Automation of conditions for claims and payouts can play a major role in reducing delays. Analyzing the data gathered from wearable devices, will help insurers to accurately assess the risk of a policyholder through the use of IoT. Predictive analysis can be used to assess the insurance needs of a potential client and also help in suggesting offerrings. The use of Cloud technologies can greatly increase an insurance agent’s access to data from anywhere.

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