Artificial Intelligence has become a core part of the Technology Industry today and a recent survey reports that 1 in 5 companies have incorporated AI in some offerings and products. Knowledge Engineering, Machine Learning, Machine Perception & Robotics are all core aspects of AI processing. 

It is being heavily used in many different industry segments: Telecom & IT, Media & Advertising, Retail, Healthcare, Automotive & Transportation and Others (Education, Law, etc.). The key drivers of this technology are an increase in Investment in AI Technologies, more demand for Analyzing & Interpreting Large Amounts of Data, Higher Customer Satisfaction & Increased Adoption of Reliable Cloud Applications, Development of more reliable cloud computing infrastructures, and improvements in dynamic AI solutions.

Successful application of AI as an analytical technological capability can drive new opportunities and accomplish business goals around customer experience, reduced expenditure and increased revenue generation. As the number of vendors employing Artificial Intelligence grows, your organization will require new or updated strategies for increased software capabilities in business suits, enterprise applications, infrastructure support services and/or customer experience.