Healthcare Industry

Building enterprise resilience on a baseline of continued uncertainty and anticipating changes as they come are the primary challenges for healthcare providers. Addressing rising costs through price transparency, securing internet-connected medical devices that play critical roles in patient care, medical records and billing, employing AI that can help with everything from revenue optimization, improving billing codes for insurance providers, decreasing fraud to diagnosing a cough or even something as complex as curing cancer and prioritizing patient experience to change behavior and improve outcomes all play major roles in the industry today.

Healthcare providers are transitioning from a volume-based model to a value-based one. Virtual care, remote monitoring and telehealth services enable patients to access care outside of the traditional medical settings. With hospital systems expanding their use of technologies, keeping the medical data secure is becoming a crucial factor to be considered. The future of the medical industry will be driven mostly by large amounts of patient supplied data through wearables and other devices.


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